Watch the introductory remarks by Prof. Dr. Birgit Schäbler here:

Birgit Schäbler (Orient-Institut Beirut): Introduction

Panel 2: Neighborliness and Enmity. The Neighbor as Enemy

Katarina Ristić  (Universität Leipzig):  Neighbors as Brothers: Neighbors as Enemies – Memories of Neighborliness in (former) Yugoslavia 

Katarina Ristić  (Universität Leipzig)

Aurora Sottimano (University of St Andrews):  My Neighbor, my Brother, my Enemy: The Politics of Mobilisation and Securitisation in the Middle East

Aurora Sottimano (University of St Andrews)

Panel 4: Gendering Neighborliness. The Neighbor as a Woman

Betul Argit (Marmara University):  Neighborly Relations Between Manumitted Former Ladies of the Harem and their New Neighbors 

Betul Argit (Marmara University)

Jane Freeland (German Historical Institute London):  “If you hear a woman screaming, don’t leave her alone!”  The Role of Neighbors in Addressing Domestic Violence in Divided Berlin

Jane Freeland (German Historical Institute London)